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  1. 8.6

    ADM Rating



    Seventh solo album, and first for six years, from the R'n'B / pop superstar is the first "act" of a three-act project

    Added: 29/07/2022

  2. 8.4

    Riderless Horse

    Nina Nastasia

    Riderless Horse

    Seventh album from the New York singer-songwriter and guitarist produced with Steve Albini and Greg Norman

    Added: 22/07/2022

  3. 8.2


    Black Midi


    Third full-length album from the experimental rock band produced by Marta Salogni (Björk, Django Django, MIA)

    Added: 13/07/2022

  4. 8.2

    Fear Fear

    Working Men’s Club

    Fear Fear

    Second full-length album from the West Yorkshire band led by Sydney Minsky-Sargeant

    Added: 15/07/2022

  5. 8.1




    Fourth album from the Brooklyn indie-folk band led by Emily Sprague

    Added: 29/07/2022

  6. 8.1

    Cave World

    Viagra Boys

    Cave World

    Third album from the Stockholm post-punk band and first since the death of co-founder Benjamin Vallé in 2021

    Added: 06/07/2022

  7. 8.0

    Take It Like A Man

    Amanda Shires

    Take It Like A Man

    Seventh full-length solo album from the Texas-born singer-songwriter produced by Lawrence Rothman

    Added: 03/08/2022

  8. 8.0

    Sound Of The Morning

    Katy J Pearson

    Sound Of The Morning

    Second full-length album from the Bristol singer-songwriter co-produced by Ali Chant and Dan Carey

    Added: 08/07/2022

  9. 7.9

    Cheat Codes

    Danger Mouse & Black Thought

    Cheat Codes

    Collaboration between musician and producer Brian Joseph Burton and the lead MC of The Roots

    Added: 10/08/2022

  10. 7.8




    Debut full-length album from the London-based artist Miles Romans-Hopcraft features guest appearances from Amon, Lex Amor and Léa Se

    Added: 11/07/2022

  11. 7.7

    Steve Lacy

    Gemini Rights

    Second from the producer/The Internet guitarist Steve Lacy featuring guest appearances from Internet bandmate Matt Martians

    Added: 15/07/2022

  12. 7.7



    Eighth studio album from the indie rock quartet from Toronto

    Added: 08/07/2022

  13. 7.6

    Ty Segall

    Hello, Hi

    Album number thirteen from the Laguna Beach, California multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter

    Added: 28/07/2022

  14. 7.6

    Naima Bock

    Giant Palm

    Debut solo album from the former Goat Girl produced by Joel Burton

    Added: 08/07/2022

  15. 7.6

    Panda Bear & Sonic Boom


    Debut collaboration between Noah Lennox (Animal Collective) and Peter Kember (Spacemen 3)

    Added: 10/08/2022

  16. 7.6



    Second album of indie pop from the Filipino-born Londoner Beatrice Laus

    Added: 13/07/2022

  17. 7.5

    Maggie Rogers


    Second full-length major label release from the Maryland-born singer-songwriter produced with Kid Harpoon (Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Jessie Ware)

    Added: 27/07/2022

  18. 7.5

    Hudson Mohawke

    Cry Sugar

    Third studio album and first in six years from the Glasgow-based producer and DJ

    Added: 12/08/2022

  19. 7.5

    Sylvan Esso

    No Rules Sandy

    Fourth studio album of indie electropop from North Carolina duo Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn

    Added: 12/08/2022

  20. 7.5

    Laura Veirs

    Found Light

    Album number twelve from the Oregon folk singer-songwriter

    Added: 11/07/2022

  21. 7.4

    Beach Bunny

    Emotional Creature

    Second full-length release from the Chicago indie pop quartet fronted by Lili Trifilio

    Added: 21/07/2022

  22. 7.4



    Second album from the Canadian indie pop band founded by Sarah Cogan and Dylan Frankland and produced by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh

    Added: 03/08/2022

  23. 7.4

    Kiwi Jr.


    Third album from the Toronto-based indie rock quartet

    Added: 12/08/2022

  24. 7.3

    Jack White

    Entering Heaven Alive

    Fifth solo album and second of two in 2022 from the former The White Stripes leader and Raconteur member

    Added: 19/07/2022

  25. 7.3

    Jamie T

    The Theory Of Whatever

    Fifth album from the London-born singer-songwriter and first for six years

    Added: 21/07/2022

  26. 7.3


    World Wide Pop

    Second album from the London indie pop collective featuring guest appearances from Chai, Pi Ja Ma, Stephen Malkmus, Dylan Cartlidge, Boa Constrictors and Gen Hoshino

    Added: 15/07/2022

  27. 7.2

    King Princess

    Hold On Baby

    Second album from the Brooklyn singer-songwriter Mikaela Mullaney Straus working with producers Mark Ronson, Ethan Gruska, Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Tobias Jesso Jr

    Added: 28/07/2022

  28. 7.2

    Pale Waves


    Third album from the Manchester indie pop four-piece produced by Zakk Cervini (Limp Bizkit, Blink-182, 5 Seconds of Summer)

    Added: 10/08/2022

  29. 7.1



    Fourth album and major label debut from the Minneapolis alternative hip-hop artist Melissa Jefferson

    Added: 15/07/2022

  30. 7.1


    The Alchemist's Euphoria

    Seventh album from the Leicester rock band led by Sergio Pizzorno and first for five years following the departure of singer Tom Meighan

    Added: 10/08/2022


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